Ride Report : May 20th Bear Creek Trail

Map of the Ride

Time: 2:17 hours
Distance: 30 miles
Average speed: 12 MPH
Weather: high 70s, low 80s, sunny!
Ride Grade: 5/5

Today was a jaunt from Englewood all the way to Morrison, CO, with myself,  boyfriend, and other friend.

30 miles is easy on a bike. 🙂

The whole ride took a little over 3 hours with stops, but my computer is nice enough to stop timing when I’m not moving forward, so this is an actual ride time/speed calculation. The highest point was in Morrison, but before we got there, we had a steady climb up toward the mountains. The best part was a super big hill just before the top, where I averaged about 7 mph while climbing. It was hard, but not terrible.

Not much more to report, other than if I didn’t have dinner plans, I would have liked to have gone farther, but as it was, good ride, good time, and everyone performed well. Also, we learned the importance of getting out early, before the trail clogs up with pedestrians, dogwalkers, and rude-ass dudes who can’t decide which side of the sidewalk they are going to walk on, narrowly causing a collision. Stoners. Pththt.

Anyway, excellent ride, and excellent trail.


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