Ride Report: May 24 Southside/Cherry Creek/Platte triangle

Geez. That’s a long route.

Time: 2:55 hours
Distance: 30.8 miles
Average speed: 10.5 MPH
Weather: high 70s, dropped to mid 60s, BUGS
Ride Grade: 1.5-3.5/5

Ugh. The first 10 miles of this ride sucked. I wasn’t properly gassed up, the sun was out, it was rush hour, and I was tweaking from anxiety. Not to mention, around Quincy and I-25, some lady tried to left turn into me when I was crossing with the light. And I fell. And the hills. And the trails. And the construction.

The downhills didn’t suck.

That low point? That’s downtown. Must be how it got its name.

So, home to Cherry Creek trail across the south end of town was kind of shitty. But then we got on the trail, and averaged between 15-18 the whole way, with very few stops: once around 4 Mile Historic Park in Glendale (where we downed our Advocare Rehydrate Gels); then at the REI where I needed a mini-tuneup, thanks to the Epic Fall that happened around mile 3.

The bike falls seem to happen because I slow down, then my stop gets all fubar thanks to terrain. This was a stop on a hill, with a ditch next to me, and yeah. Over to the other side. Didn’t help my mood, but thanks for  the fixin, REI people!

Also, we picked up our packets for Elephant Rock, and $25 worth of power stuff for the rides (clif bars, etc), and then headed out again. By the time we left REI, it was about 7:30, and the sun was setting. We don’t have lights (or reflectors!) on our bikes, so we had to haul ass back home – 10 miles, straight shot, approx 13 MPH average, and we made it. No more falls, but I assume the reason I’m not famished is thanks to the gnats I inhaled all the way home. (mmm…..protein).

Now we are home, beer and indian food has been procured, and all is good. Ride was ok. I would not do the Quincy approach again, as it just didn’t feel good, but the other 2/3rds were great – since the Quincy part was around 7 mph (gah! Hills!) and the recorded time includes stops – they were fast, and high power through the last 20 miles.


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