Ride Report – May 31, 2012 – Chatfield (hills)

Time: 2 hours
Distance: 26.8 miles/ 276 feet elevation gain
Average speed: 13.5 MPH
Weather: low 80s, windy
Ride Rating: 4.5/5

Yeah. we did Chatfield again. This was a good one. We started at the parking lot at Oxford and Santa Fe, so that we could shave a couple miles off the trip on the flat part in order to load the middle with hills and fun, and that is exactly what we did. Last time, we stopped near the boat launch at the bottom of the first hill, but this time, after doing the first hill, we did a tiny little jog down, and then right back up. These hills were STEEP – for me anyway. They were really short though, a few hundred feet to make the big jump, but the best part was tackling them in succession – right after the climb, a short downhill, then tackling the next climb, then back down, then turning right around to tackle it again, and back down, then a slow, gradual climb back up, and then out on the return path home.

While I realize this isn’t hill climbs of any sort of epicness, they were a good start for us. We were not wiped out after this ride, and the only discomfort there was overall was related to my butt. There were some parts of the ride that had a bit of a bumpy road, and I think that may have gotten to me. I definitely need new shorts, and I wonder about my seat (more on that later) but for now, this is what I have. I’d like to think about driving down and doing repeated hill climbs here for a bit before trying to tackle something like Lookout Mountain, but eventually, I could see us climbing serious hills. Maybe eventually doing the Triple Bypass? (Uh, no.)

We stopped at the top for a brief carb/photo break, and did a few standing yoga poses to open up our hips/lower back/chest area, and that was surprisingly helpful. I think I may incorporate that intentional breaking into every 10 or so miles from now on.

We also saw some gorgeous terrain, and the road around Chatfield was smooth and wide. It was a beautiful ride. The trail itself was not too crowded at any point, though there were a lot of serious bikers out. Everyone was polite and knew their road etiquette though. All in all, a great ride. We wrapped it up with some jerk beans and mahi mahi steaks to get the carb and protein reloaded, and both of us are feeling quite excellent.

Best friend is back in town for the weekend, and we’re all doing the 34 mile route at Elephant Rock on Sunday, and hoping to get in a ride on Saturday as well. Should be a good time, with great weather! Oh, and the HILLS that we will be doing on Sunday. Yeah.

Things I want to focus on coming up though: yoga for cyclists, a pilates class I’ll be doing for the next few weeks for core work, and trying to work in some intervals and hills for better performance. As it is now, I’ve gotten almost 130 miles on the new bike, and will top 100 this week alone, so I’m feeling good.


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