Hills and dales…


I’m tired. Today’s ride was the same SW loop as always, with a short jog into Morrison and back. Apparently, that short jog into Morrison is also a class 5 climb, at 3% for almost a mile, though it didn’t feel like it.

I’m more excited about the Bike From Work Bash that’s happening in Denver on the 27th. I’m tentatively considering buying the official jersey for the event, because it’s kind of sweet. However, I’m still on the fence, especially since tonight, after our ride, the boyfriend and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought new pillows. Not just any pillows, either, these things have a 20 year warranty, all down, fancy pants pillows.

We also picked up a Vornado fan for the bedroom, which apparently will move all the air around and keep us cool, and a SimpleHuman trash can with a handy dandy lid, which should keep a certain labradoodle out of the trash. I know the smoked salmon wrapper probably smells insanely delicious, but it’s not doggie food, and I don’t appreciate coming home to a tipped over trash can. Call me crazy….

Finally, we ended up with dinner at the Cherry Cricket….I was not impressed. Service was slow, and the waiter was uninformed about the menu, and as a result, my food was brought out with the green chili on it…which included giant chunks of pork. I’d requested no green chili, being a vegetarian and all, and well…it was just less than awesome.

Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Distance: 36 miles/ 1000 feet elevation gain
Average speed: 12.6 MPH
Weather: cool and breezy, and a little rain
Ride Rating: 4/5

We got off to a late start, since apparently I am in need of my beauty sleep, and didn’t roll out of bed until nearly 10 am. After a decent breakfast, we rolled out into a cool and cloudy morning…except when we got to the trailhead – the sun was out full bore.

The ride was in and out of cloud cover, and pretty easy the whole way. The greenway was busy due to the leftover traffic from the Ride The River fundraiser, along with other typical Saturday traffic. When we headed into Bear Creek Lake Park, the volume had slowed considerably, and it was quite nice. Heading into Morrison, we started to hear thunder rumbling along with the squeal of engines and tires at Bandimere speedway, so we only looped through there for a brief exploratory jaunt, which included, of course, a fall. My damn knees are going to be a wreck by the end of this summer. In order to outrun the rain, we pushed hard and fast out of Morrison, with a brief stop at the top of Kumpfmiller road to get the above photo…definite stormclouds. Then, it was approximately 18 MPH average all the way back to the car. Boyfriend just nearly crossed the 400 mile mark on his bike, and I’m up over 250.

This week also saw a short commuting ride to a local yoga studio, which is going to be part of my weekly routine now. I was the only person to show for the 10 am class, so I essentially got a free lesson! Woot! We worked on lots of hip openers and did the style of yoga known as yin, which involves deep stretches and holding the poses for 5-8 minutes each to loosen the connective tissues. It was hard, though the instructor noted that I’m still way more flexible than a lot of cyclists.

In the vein of the “recovery ride” – we are doing brunch rides on Sunday mornings now, which I am looking forward to as well. A brief jaunt to the farmers market and back with a few loops around the park at the beginning means just a few more miles into the weekly log. July will be here before we know it, and it will bring with it the scheduled Unofficial Metric Century that we will be tackling with a group of friends. Any mileage is good, though training for endurance plus hills still requires some serious attention. Despite doing the 50 miler without training (or sense) on a crappy bike last year, I’m going to try to be a bit smarter about this one. Plus, getting 63 miles in will help us determine if we are doing the 50 or the 70 in September.

Miles and miles to go before then, though….so now, I’m going to get some sleep. Especially since I also have pages and pages and pages of books to read. But that’s another post.


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