A Hot Mess


Oy. Hot out today!

We did a 5 mile “recovery ride” to the Pearl Street Farmers’ Market on our other bike (not the road bikes, and not in a fancy kit). I need to start looking for a back rack and panniers, so I can carry things on the bike, like yoga mats, groceries, beer (ha!) and so on.

It was HOT in the sun, and as someone (blessed??) with ghostly pale skin, I was soaked in sunscreen, SPF 50, sport, water resistant, and I still don’t think it was enough.

When riding to the market, we didn’t have the luxury of a trail, so it was all on -street riding. At one intersection, we had to “take the lane” and essentially act like traffic, which has always made me a bit nervous. It was ok though, today. Everyone was respectful in traffic. And of course, I got messy.


How I got chain grease on my left leg, I have no idea. My right looks a wreck too. Ah well. All in the name of the ride!


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