Up, Down, Turn Around…

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Distance: 42 miles
Average speed: 13.3 MPH
Weather: HOT
Ride Rating: 3/5

Well, we found the long, flat trek I was looking for in a ride. Today, we left from the usual trailhead, and rather than turning right at the C470 trail junction, we headed left, to take the eastern trail.

Originally, our intention had been to do a ride we found mapped out by the local Bicycle Village Saturday ride group. Unfortunately, that one did a lot of road riding, and we just weren’t comfortable with exploring a new area on the road without the support of a full team. Instead, we stuck to the trail, and headed east to Yosemite, and then turned around, headed all the way to the west side of Chatfield, and then back home.

This was a BRUTAL ride, solely due to the heat. We started at 8:30 or so, and with breaks, got done around 12:30. The boyfriend was starting to get overheated , and was dangerously close to heat exhaustion. Despite multiple stops to drench our heads, arm coolers, and the rest of our bodies in water and to reapply sunscreen, it was getting pretty ridiculous by the end of the ride.

I think it looks like angel wings.

As he rode behind me, boyfriend commented on the Rorschach blot- like pattern that was developing on the back of my black jersey from the sweat that evaporated through the ride. I think this ride was the push I needed to get a lighter colored jersey. I’m considering  this one by Primal Wear, plus some red and white shorts, if I can find any.  I’ve already got white sleeves, and white shoes, so the red and white should look pretty awesome. I’m also in the market for a slightly better helmet, all white.

The path was pretty much exactly what I want to work on riding, and I will try to get more runs in over the summer, but today’s ride was a good one to learn about the precautions necessary when riding in 95 degree heat. I am guessing in the future we’ll just have to tailor our ride plan, and also try to get up even earlier, since this weather is pretty much here to stay for the next 3 months. If it wasn’t for the heat, this would have been a higher rated ride, but the heat just wore down the overall enjoyment.

This weekend was, in general, just a lot of hot, sunny, sweaty times. We went to Waterworld on Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and managed to avoid sunburn the whole time (we were there from open to almost close). Then with the ride today, we definitely got some sun, since the first half was riding into the rising sunlight. Fortunately, this afternoon we got to spend with the boyfriend’s family, and they have air conditioning!! It was a good reprieve from the heat.

We don’t have much time this coming week for riding, due to some scheduled events and travel, but we’re still planning on putting in our miles for Bike to Work Day and then the much anticipated Bike from Work Bash on Wednesday night. I’m hoping to win a new bike!

In the meantime, though, I’ll be reading for comps (as always) and perhaps trying to sneak in a swim or two at the local rec center to cool off from the heat.


One thought on “Up, Down, Turn Around…

  1. My favorite part of the path heading East is when it goes behind the car dealerships and into the shady tree areas. It’s so beautiful back there!

    My least favorite part is that it’s all uphill from the river whether you head East or West. I didn’t consider that last summer when I did a similar ride on the east side of the river and it was a brutal slog up the “hills” to cross the overpasses. Why they didn’t just build a portion of the path at highway level is beyond me. 😛

    I’m really jealous you guys are riding so much! Your routes are so much fun – wish I could be there with you! I’m looking forward to riding with you guys in two short weeks!

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