Blast from the Past

While cleaning and reorganizing the office this weekend, I had the brilliant idea to pull out this photo:

Here I am, on my 5th birthday, getting my first bike. Surprisingly, it’s not blue. All the rest of my bikes have been blue. But, I was *supremely* obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, to the point that I would ONLY eat strawberry shortcake, as opposed to regular cake. I had strawberry shortcake dolls, figurines, sheets, folders for school, and so on. The only thing that surpassed my love my for Strawberry Shortcake was my love for cats.  And obviously, bikes. I loved this bike.

My next bike isn’t to be found in pictures. I’m not sure where it went, or even what it looked like, besides being blue. It probably was a cruiser style as well. I rode it for a few years (probably from the time I was 10 to 14), and then at age 14, I crashed it and broke my arm. I rode home with a broken arm (already a tough biker!) and didn’t ride the rest of the summer. I don’t remember ever seeing it again after that.

My blue Raleigh that I got from a friend is in the shop right now, ready to be picked up. I’ve never named inanimate objects, so I just refer to it as my blue Raleigh (and likewise, my car is just my car, or my Jetta, and so on) but the bike shop called to let me know it was ready, and called it “The Blue Bomber.” I took it in to get a rear rack, flat pedals, better saddle, and new bar tape – all in blue. I’ll have to post a pic when I pick it up.

Tomorrow, finally, the Buffalo Bicycle Classic. We confirmed that we’re doing the 35 mile ride. The week has been insanely busy, and comps planning and homework are taking precedent over the length of time in the saddle, unfortunately. Not to mention, I’ve gotten a few more hours swiped from my calendar thanks to the accident: Tuesday, I get to have a root canal! Plus, all the time in PT and massage, and chiro and acupuncture appointments. The cost, the effort, the time….they’re starting to drag on me. I really wish everything was over with. I haven’t gotten the first medical bill yet, but from just co-pays to office visits, and my dental work from the accident, I’ve already spent more than I spent on my bike, pedals, kits, and accessories. Not fun. Especially when you consider I am supposed to be saving my money for a thesis research trip in Europe this winter. Paris is fun – unless you can’t afford to do anything there. Then it’s just like being at home.

But in the meantime, I have to just suck it up, grab ride time when I can, get training when I can, submit insurance paperwork to the various medical and dental coverage plans I have, and hope some of it gets covered. The rest of my time and money is all for school. There’s only one year left, and I gotta make it count.


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