This is not a post about bikes

It’s only peripherally about books, and not about *anything* blue.

Holy crap, I’m in love.

Last Friday, it was SO COLD in Boulder that my coach decided we’d cancel our training ride. Normally, that’s not done, but because we were doing skill drills rather than steady exertion, we wouldn’t be able to keep ourselves warm. With the right gear, you can ride into the winter without incident.

So, having no afternoon plans, I was home earlier than usual and hopped onto the facebook for some time wasting while eating my lunch. Almost immediately upon scrolling through my feed, an adorable little face popped up, a post from a rescue organization that I follow.

My heart squeezed. SQUEEZED! This must be what people who like babies feel like when they want to make the babies. Because I was helpless against this face! I sent an email to the boyfriend with the title “Uhh……wanna make a bad decision with me?” and the photo from the rescue site. His response was the same.


We contacted the rescue org, and the puppy, Maddox, was already on his way to a new adoption. We were sad, and chalked it up to the fact that really, who could resist such a face, and said “oh well….maybe another time.”

Fast forward to Sunday. As the boyfriend and I sat at our breakfast bar eating our cheerios, my phone buzzed. Turns out – Maddox had been returned. The adoption had failed. We had our chance! We arranged to meet him at the foster home at 2 pm that day. Boyfriend pretended to play it close, saying “we need to meet him first…” to which I replied “You know as well as I do that if we meet him, we’re taking him home.” He grinned. He knew I was right.


So now, we have a puppy. We weren’t even in the market for one! But, we have one. And he’s adorable. We renamed him Magnus, to match our other two puppies, Madeleine (labradoodle) and Munin (boxer/pit mix). We still have the cat, too, so now there is quite the full house. Turns out this is really the perfect time to add to the family – with me at home most of the time studying for comps, I can monitor the puppy’s habits and schedule, and get him potty trained. He’s only 9 weeks old, but he already sits on command, and sleeps through the night, and doesn’t mess in his kennel. He’s totally stolen our heart, too. Rather than going out for a museum opening event tonight, I said “let’s go to Petco!” It’s the life of new parents, basically.

When we learned all of Magnus’s story, we were incredibly glad we’d been given the chance to rescue him. 4 weeks ago, he was found on a reservation, too young to be away from his mom. Yet, they took him to a high-kill shelter, and he was marked for disposal. The organization I adopted him from got wind of it, and did a rescue airlift, bringing him to Colorado and placing him in foster care. Late last month, he was adopted, and everyone thought it would be a happy ending – only it wasn’t. The first family returned him to foster care, saying he was a little terror. Then, on Saturday, the second family adopted him, and returned him Sunday – again saying he was too much to handle.

As I am typing this, I’m sitting on the couch, and he’s sleeping next to me with his head draped over my arm. His golden fur shimmers in the late afternoon sunlight, and his ears tilt forward when he hears sirens from the nearby hospital when an ambulance arrives or departs. When he’s tired, he growls and snaps his teeth like a fox, but he’s easily redirected with a toy. He bounces instead of walking. In other words – he’s pure puppy. Not a royal terror. Not a handful. Not flawed or faulty. He’s just a perfect, precious puppy. And he’s ours.

Welcome to your forever home, Magnus. Mommy and Daddy will keep you safe – always.


2 thoughts on “This is not a post about bikes

    • Thanks for liking! I am a HUGE advocate for adoption and rescue. ANd this little guy has been an amazing addition to the family. More photos coming soon!

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