Statistically Speaking….

Or not, as I don’t really know enough about stats to do any calculations, but here is a numbers based review of the biggest thing I just did:

10,359 miles by plane
733 miles by bus
176 miles by rental car
10 miles (or so) of subway rides
25 miles (or so) by cab
150 miles (give or take a few dozens) walked (in museums, surface streets, through subway stations and airport terminals)
19 days
6 countries (though 2 don’t really count)
1100+ photos and videos

And one engagement ring:


That’s right. We got engaged. It was lovely, and perfect, and dreamy. The Man Formerly Known As Boyfriend (heretofore referred to as Fiancé) popped the question at 12:01 am January 1st, 2013, on the steps of Sacre Couer, at Montmartre, while we were celebrating fête de la nouvelle année with 10,000 or so of our nearest and dearest best friends, aka complete strangers in Paris. It was just ever so lightly raining, the sky was ablaze with fireworks, and on the horizon, the Eiffel Tower sparkled as everyone around us cheered and whistled and kissed and popped the corks off champagne.

Of course, I said yes, we kissed a bunch, and then continued on our lovely whirlwind tour of Europe. What were we doing in Europe?

As you (should) know by now, I am a grad student, and working on my Masters in Art History. All considerations aside regarding the elitism of art history majors, my interest area is focused on Romani (gypsy) people and identity. Yes, it doesn’t sound *quite* like an art history topic, and I could have been working on it in any department really (even specifically Romani Studies) but I use the art history thing to kind of ‘ground’ my work in a specific area.

Anyway, I was in France and Germany doing research for my MA thesis, which I will be writing this semester. Since I had kind of a rough semester, and my summer was less than relaxing, we decided it was time for some downtime as well, and bookended the research portion of the trip with a couple days in Iceland at the start, and then a few days in England at the end, closing out with a day and night in London. I got a lot of work done, research-wise, and yes, had fun too, but I don’t really think it was “relaxing” in any sort of way to be on a 19 day trip through Europe. It was an amazing opportunity, though, and one I am glad I got to take, especially since I was able to do it with the boyfriend, I mean, fiancé. We learned things (for instance: it is not fun to take a 15 hour bus ride across the continent, even at night) and we saw things (lots and lots – I have so many pictures) and we did things (dinner in London was the best steak of the fiancé’s life so far) and we were blessed to have friends that watched our dogs for 3 weeks (three weeks, three dogs, ON TOP of their 3 dogs and 2 cats!) and our house, and to help with airport transport, lodging, and other things.

All in all, without going into infinite detail (because it would be possible) it was an amazing trip. And at the end of it, I am now home, prepping for work and school to start up again tomorrow, and I am engaged.


One thought on “Statistically Speaking….

  1. Wow, congratulations that’s very cool, and right outside the Sacre Couer, not a bad place to be! Sounds like a great trip too(with a lot of mileage).

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