Statistically Speaking….

Or not, as I don’t really know enough about stats to do any calculations, but here is a numbers based review of the biggest thing I just did:

10,359 miles by plane
733 miles by bus
176 miles by rental car
10 miles (or so) of subway rides
25 miles (or so) by cab
150 miles (give or take a few dozens) walked (in museums, surface streets, through subway stations and airport terminals)
19 days
6 countries (though 2 don’t really count)
1100+ photos and videos

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Deadlines Approaching

It’s hard to blog when I have so many deadlines approaching. I can’t blog about biking, since I am not riding much (weather, workload). No one wants to hear about the things my students write (well, maybe you do, but I won’t share them in a public forum.) And I’ve been working on comps prep, which is interesting to me, but doesn’t leave me much interest in writing here, mostly because by the end of the night, I’ve run out of words. (I wrote 2700 words yesterday. I have to do that 8 times. I’ve got 6 of them done.) I could show you or tell you about the books I have from the library (77 books, plus 3 from interlibrary loan) and all the things I am reading, but again, too tired and running out of words. So, instead, I made this silly picture of our big dog:

Boyfriend has been playing a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 lately, so I decided we should try to make a picture of the dogs in his headphones. Maddie is the only one who would sit still long enough to take a photo.  Continue reading

Captain of my own…wha??

Anyone who reads this blog has probably figured out by now that I have a lot of opinions, I’m pretty firmly in the feminist camp, and I get a bit miffed when guys get some sort of sense of superiority because they happen to have a pee-stick. If you didn’t know that by now, well…now you do.

And there’s a point to knowing that. But first – GAH. It’s been a while in the posting department, because my brain is in full on meltdown mode right now. In fact, I’m writing this blog post because I need a break, since I’ve been reading the same paragraph over and over for the last half hour, and I can’t keep looking at Pinterest and Facebook, because that’s ultimately the opposite of productivity. Writing a blog post at least gets some of the gunk out, or at least I hope it will. Continue reading

Blast from the Past

While cleaning and reorganizing the office this weekend, I had the brilliant idea to pull out this photo:

Here I am, on my 5th birthday, getting my first bike. Surprisingly, it’s not blue. All the rest of my bikes have been blue. But, I was *supremely* obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, to the point that I would ONLY eat strawberry shortcake, as opposed to regular cake. I had strawberry shortcake dolls, figurines, sheets, folders for school, and so on. The only thing that surpassed my love my for Strawberry Shortcake was my love for cats.  And obviously, bikes. I loved this bike. Continue reading

Time slips away

(Insert obligatory comment about the time since last post, apology and promise to be more prompt, etc etc.)

I’ve been insanely busy.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about blogging though, because I have been. I just haven’t done anything about it. I get into this cycle where I want to post something important, and relevant, and meaningful, and then I overwhelm myself, and decide to go do something on my to do list. Unfortunately, that means writing a blog post (which *is* on my to-do list) gets moved way way way down the list.

But, I’m going to do it today. First, here are some things I’ve been pondering, in list form: Continue reading

Excellent Things

I Love My Orthopedic Surgeon

Went to the Ortho today. He’s a straight shooter, no BS kind of guy. Prognosis: start physical therapy next week, 2x weekly for 6 weeks. Develop range of motion, plus strengthening of trapezius. Can drive/bike/sports/other activity as determined by comfort level and pain medication, avoid activities while impaired, but be cognizant of own levels to increase activity while slowly decreasing pain management. Pain management is right on track for where it should be, and don’t feel bad about medicating for muscle pain, because the muscular damage can take longer to heal than the bone. Also, don’t let the PT people cause pain. Be own advocate for advancement within comfort levels. Continue reading

It ain’t easy being…broken.

Constructing the Past – LeGoff and Nora
Art and its Histories – Edwards
On Violence – Arendt
Trauma and Recovery – Herman
The New Art History – Harris
Places of Public Memory – Ott, Dickinson, Blair
The Affect Theory Reader – Gregg et. al

These are the books, among others, that are on my comps reading list. These are the books I’ve been trying to read for the past three weeks. I pick them up, and then put them down. Up, down. Up, down. I can’t focus. My brain is mush from the vicodin that dampens down the pain in my back and side. I have slowly started becoming more mobile, with small victories being pulled from the simplest of tasks: making refrigerator pickles. Doing a load of laundry. Putting my hair into a (very messy) ponytail. Putting on my own pants. Continue reading