Captain of my own…wha??

Anyone who reads this blog has probably figured out by now that I have a lot of opinions, I’m pretty firmly in the feminist camp, and I get a bit miffed when guys get some sort of sense of superiority because they happen to have a pee-stick. If you didn’t know that by now, well…now you do.

And there’s a point to knowing that. But first – GAH. It’s been a while in the posting department, because my brain is in full on meltdown mode right now. In fact, I’m writing this blog post because I need a break, since I’ve been reading the same paragraph over and over for the last half hour, and I can’t keep looking at Pinterest and Facebook, because that’s ultimately the opposite of productivity. Writing a blog post at least gets some of the gunk out, or at least I hope it will. Continue reading


Time slips away

(Insert obligatory comment about the time since last post, apology and promise to be more prompt, etc etc.)

I’ve been insanely busy.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about blogging though, because I have been. I just haven’t done anything about it. I get into this cycle where I want to post something important, and relevant, and meaningful, and then I overwhelm myself, and decide to go do something on my to do list. Unfortunately, that means writing a blog post (which *is* on my to-do list) gets moved way way way down the list.

But, I’m going to do it today. First, here are some things I’ve been pondering, in list form: Continue reading

I want to ride my bicycle…

I need to read books, but I want to ride my bike!

In order to counteract lost riding time, and potential lack of confidence on the bike, I’m considering joining a cycling team. The one I’m really interested in is geared toward women who are just starting racing, and they cap the team at 25 so everyone gets support and training. They also are sponsored by my current bike shop, so that’s already a mark in their favor! And it’s not a “club”, but an actual team, with jerseys, and training, and commitment.

I am definitely not interested in mountain biking, because while falling on concrete is hard, falling on rocks and off the trail seems harder. If you get hurt, you might need to hike your way back to civilization. Not my bag. Track racing could be fun. Road is what I’m used to riding though, and I like the distance aspect of it, with climbs, the negotiation of the pack positions, and the ability to ride on different surfaces.

Racing involves all sorts of new skills and gear though, so it’s a commitment. I’d have to pay for team membership (which includes a lot of great stuff, like a jersey, and access to the training and discounts and the like), buy a transponder (that’s how your time is tracked in races), membership in the ACA/BRAC, and so on. Not only that, I have to commit the time to training, health, and actual racing, including racing fees. My bike is a road bike, but not necessarily the fastest out there, though it is comfortable. If I do the racing thing more seriously, I might end up shelling out the $$ for an upgrade to something faster. In the short term though, speed upgrades on my bike are possible with a new wheelset and tires.

But all the same – I would be riding anyway. And training for a better skill set is not money wasted. While I probably missed the window to be an olympic athlete, or a pro racer, competition is fun, and maybe, just maybe, I can win something. Maybe I can be a podium girl of the winning sort, rather than the decorative sort.




A Hot Mess


Oy. Hot out today!

We did a 5 mile “recovery ride” to the Pearl Street Farmers’ Market on our other bike (not the road bikes, and not in a fancy kit). I need to start looking for a back rack and panniers, so I can carry things on the bike, like yoga mats, groceries, beer (ha!) and so on.

It was HOT in the sun, and as someone (blessed??) with ghostly pale skin, I was soaked in sunscreen, SPF 50, sport, water resistant, and I still don’t think it was enough.

When riding to the market, we didn’t have the luxury of a trail, so it was all on -street riding. At one intersection, we had to “take the lane” and essentially act like traffic, which has always made me a bit nervous. It was ok though, today. Everyone was respectful in traffic. And of course, I got messy.


How I got chain grease on my left leg, I have no idea. My right looks a wreck too. Ah well. All in the name of the ride!