This is not a post about bikes

It’s only peripherally about books, and not about *anything* blue.

Holy crap, I’m in love.

Last Friday, it was SO COLD in Boulder that my coach decided we’d cancel our training ride. Normally, that’s not done, but because we were doing skill drills rather than steady exertion, we wouldn’t be able to keep ourselves warm. With the right gear, you can ride into the winter without incident. Continue reading


Blast from the Past

While cleaning and reorganizing the office this weekend, I had the brilliant idea to pull out this photo:

Here I am, on my 5th birthday, getting my first bike. Surprisingly, it’s not blue. All the rest of my bikes have been blue. But, I was *supremely* obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, to the point that I would ONLY eat strawberry shortcake, as opposed to regular cake. I had strawberry shortcake dolls, figurines, sheets, folders for school, and so on. The only thing that surpassed my love my for Strawberry Shortcake was my love for cats.  And obviously, bikes. I loved this bike. Continue reading

Time slips away

(Insert obligatory comment about the time since last post, apology and promise to be more prompt, etc etc.)

I’ve been insanely busy.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about blogging though, because I have been. I just haven’t done anything about it. I get into this cycle where I want to post something important, and relevant, and meaningful, and then I overwhelm myself, and decide to go do something on my to do list. Unfortunately, that means writing a blog post (which *is* on my to-do list) gets moved way way way down the list.

But, I’m going to do it today. First, here are some things I’ve been pondering, in list form: Continue reading

I want to ride my bicycle…

I need to read books, but I want to ride my bike!

In order to counteract lost riding time, and potential lack of confidence on the bike, I’m considering joining a cycling team. The one I’m really interested in is geared toward women who are just starting racing, and they cap the team at 25 so everyone gets support and training. They also are sponsored by my current bike shop, so that’s already a mark in their favor! And it’s not a “club”, but an actual team, with jerseys, and training, and commitment.

I am definitely not interested in mountain biking, because while falling on concrete is hard, falling on rocks and off the trail seems harder. If you get hurt, you might need to hike your way back to civilization. Not my bag. Track racing could be fun. Road is what I’m used to riding though, and I like the distance aspect of it, with climbs, the negotiation of the pack positions, and the ability to ride on different surfaces.

Racing involves all sorts of new skills and gear though, so it’s a commitment. I’d have to pay for team membership (which includes a lot of great stuff, like a jersey, and access to the training and discounts and the like), buy a transponder (that’s how your time is tracked in races), membership in the ACA/BRAC, and so on. Not only that, I have to commit the time to training, health, and actual racing, including racing fees. My bike is a road bike, but not necessarily the fastest out there, though it is comfortable. If I do the racing thing more seriously, I might end up shelling out the $$ for an upgrade to something faster. In the short term though, speed upgrades on my bike are possible with a new wheelset and tires.

But all the same – I would be riding anyway. And training for a better skill set is not money wasted. While I probably missed the window to be an olympic athlete, or a pro racer, competition is fun, and maybe, just maybe, I can win something. Maybe I can be a podium girl of the winning sort, rather than the decorative sort.




Excellent Things

I Love My Orthopedic Surgeon

Went to the Ortho today. He’s a straight shooter, no BS kind of guy. Prognosis: start physical therapy next week, 2x weekly for 6 weeks. Develop range of motion, plus strengthening of trapezius. Can drive/bike/sports/other activity as determined by comfort level and pain medication, avoid activities while impaired, but be cognizant of own levels to increase activity while slowly decreasing pain management. Pain management is right on track for where it should be, and don’t feel bad about medicating for muscle pain, because the muscular damage can take longer to heal than the bone. Also, don’t let the PT people cause pain. Be own advocate for advancement within comfort levels. Continue reading

How To Help Your Injured Friend

This post is a compilation of ideas, input and opinions from several of my friends who have been injured in roller derby, bike and auto accidents, and also people who have had surgery, either elective or required (such as for cancer treatment.) Not all of these responses apply to all situations, and not everyone reacts in the same way, so consider this a view into the perspective of the injured/ill person, and start from there when offering help. Continue reading

Tour de Beer

I haven’t been on my bike in over a week. This makes me sad. However, part of the reason is because I went back to my hometown this weekend so the boyfriend could meet the family, and we could snuggle with my new baby niece, who is an adorable 5 pounds and 3 weeks old! She’s in that stage where she just curls up in your arms like “Ok, I’m here, along for the ride. Where are we going? Oh, here’s your arm. I’m going to suck on it because I like food.” TOTALLY ADORABLE.

We also got to spend time doing things in town, like visiting one of the best art museums in the country that’s not in New York or LA. We also got to see, while at that museum, my absolute favorite painting, Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, a female painter of the Italian Renaissance.  Continue reading