Review: Suuthe Skin Repair & Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment

The most visible part of my accident was the damage to my face. Road rash is never pretty, and bikers get to experience a lot of it over time. I’ve scraped knees, bruised hips, ripped gloves, and banged elbows in the various bike crashes I’ve had, but nothing as bad as when I went over my handlebars and landed on my face on the cement bike path – a very dirty cement bike path. Denver is high desert country, so we don’t get rain to regularly wash the streets clean. The area where I crashed was quite busy, not just with bikers, but a lot of unsavory elements of society like to hang out below grade, next to the creek. There is no telling just what was on that surface, and then embedded in my skin.

At the hospital, they soaked pads in something to soothe the pain and draw out the blood in order to use the body’s anti-bacterial properties to work for itself, which resulted in me going home with a really nasty bloody and scabbed over face. It also hurt like hell. Like most people, I actually do care a bit about my appearance (I’ll admit to even wearing tinted sunscreen, waterproof eyeliner, and mascara on rides to look a wee bit better in ride photos) and so this scrape had me scared. Combined with the eight stitched into my lip, I was certain I would be scarred for life, and I was pretty upset. They told me at the hospital that keeping it moist was the best way to avoid scarring while the scab sloughed off. Our first instinct was to go for the neosporin, but I’ll tell you – neosporin may claim to have pain relieving properties, but that’s a lie. It’s also disgusting looking, because the creamy white version dries out, turns yellow, and makes you look like patient zero of the zombie apocalypse. Neosporin wasn’t doing the trick, so we tried some alternatives, which I’m reviewing here. Continue reading


Help Wanted

Aimee with Pearl the Pig in January 2011

It is tough to ask for help. I think, as women, it’s especially tough, because there is such a need to appear strong when doing things, to be “as good as a man” and able to compete. We’re fighting against perceptions more than reality in these situations, but they are out there, and definitely present in the cycling world. I’ve got lots to say about that, but first, I have to revisit a topic.

This weekend, I posted about my good friend who was hit by a car while crossing the street after a visit to the Farmers’ Market near her home. Aimee is one of those people who just naturally pulls in people to her circle. She’s got her own gravitational pull. So, it’s no surprise that Aimee’s friends are really coming together to help her, and she hasn’t asked for one single thing.

First, here is an update on Aimee’s condition:
1. 2 fractured legs, fractured pelvis, facial fractures and lacerations
2. Minimal joint damage
3. Minimal to no bleeding in the brain

Aimee has been talking, making crass jokes (which is her style) and has been able to eat with assistance. Tonight, she was discharged from the trauma unit, and transferred to a rehab center, where she will be for about 2 months, and it will be at least that long before she can stand, let alone walk. This injury leaves her 5 pets (2 dogs, and 3 cats) in need of care for the interim while she’s in the rehabilitation hospital.

Aimee and I in Boston in March 2012

Aimee has a very large, very supportive group of friends, and one of us set up the fundraiser at the following link to raise money to help care for Aimee’s animals and her general expenses during this time. If you are so inclined and able to help, it will definitely be appreciated. I can vouch for Marisa being a real person, and the funds going directly to the cause (ie: Aimee’s care, her animals’ care, etc.)

If you’d like to learn more about Aimee, you can read her blog at Rockstar Scars. Also, feel free to visit the We Love Aimee page on facebook, and “Like” the page.

You can read more about the accident here, here, and here.

Aimee is an amazing, clever, creative, sincere, honest, brutal, crass, smart, funny, sarcastic, and of course, since she *is* from Boston, wicked awesome. If you are willing/able/interested, the financial donations would help her immensely. If you are not, a prayer or positive thought is also greatly appreciated. The world truly is a better place with Aimee in it.