Captain of my own…wha??

Anyone who reads this blog has probably figured out by now that I have a lot of opinions, I’m pretty firmly in the feminist camp, and I get a bit miffed when guys get some sort of sense of superiority because they happen to have a pee-stick. If you didn’t know that by now, well…now you do.

And there’s a point to knowing that. But first – GAH. It’s been a while in the posting department, because my brain is in full on meltdown mode right now. In fact, I’m writing this blog post because I need a break, since I’ve been reading the same paragraph over and over for the last half hour, and I can’t keep looking at Pinterest and Facebook, because that’s ultimately the opposite of productivity. Writing a blog post at least gets some of the gunk out, or at least I hope it will. Continue reading



First ride in 9 weeks.

Time: 1 hours 12 minutes
Distance: 16.8 miles
Average speed: 13.2 MPH
Weather: Gorgeous
Ride Rating: 5/5

Maxed out at 22.9 miles/hour, climbed a hill, set the pace for the whole ride, wore a new Twin Six jersey courtesy of my friend (and chiropractor!) Tara, and feeling fine.

Also, saw some deer, got a bit skittish around kids and dogs, and got hit by a bat that was diving for a mosquito. My bike has now rolled over to 381 miles! Watched the sun set, rode in the dark, and got a bug in my eye.

Now I’m at home, about to do some homework, and prep for my long day tomorrow. Next ride: Thursday morning, maybe? Then Friday night? And then, my goal: The Buff Bicycle Classic. I’m telling myself that it’s ok to take it easy going back. When we start the ride, there’s a hell of a hill at the beginning, which just might annihilate my lungs. But, the 35 mile and 50 mile routes follow the same path,  with the 50 turning left at 75th street to head up to Loveland and back before meeting back up at the turn south on 75th back to Boulder. If I am feeling it, I’ll go ahead and do the 50, but if I don’t, no big deal. It’s been 9 weeks since I last rode, and I had a broken shoulder. I think anything I do is good. Like riding a horse, it takes time to get back on when you fall off, especially when you fall like I did. And, like my best friend (who is an equestrienne) when you find the thing you love – nothing can keep you off it. So here I go.

I’m back on.

Inside the ER – Denver Health, I’ve got half a mind to file a formal complaint

You know how people always say that crime shows give people a false sense of what police work is like? Well hospital shows do that too. I don’t know what was going on outside my room at Denver Health, but I’m pretty sure there weren’t any romances developing, or anything else that happens on those shows. To be honest, I don’t watch them. Never watched ER, never watched House, never watched Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, even though I’ve worked in law enforcement, and know that whatever goes on with the CSI people, that never happened in our crime lab. It was usually a lot more mundane and boring, with a lot less technology.

So rather than what DOESN’T happen, what *did* happen on my trip to the ER? Continue reading

4th of July Ride Report – Lessons Learned

Oh. Hello there blogging world. It’s been a while. Yes, I’m writing my 4th of July ride report. It’s a bit late. I may ramble a bit on this one, because there’s a lot to process.

In the beginning….

The boyfriend had July 4th off, so we were debating the route we’d take for our morning ride. Seemed like the perfect time to try something new, since we had a full day of freedom, with no plans other than a party in the evening. Our choices were the Deer Creek Trail hill climb, in the SW part of town, which is a steep, 9 mile climb that you can do as an out and back, or you can make it a loop of about 36 miles with more climbing, for a total elevation gain of 3600 feet. The climbs on this route are all class 2 and class 1, and I was really looking forward to tackling that challenge, except the idea of riding on roads still has me a bit nervous. Our second option was to do a long ride with less climbing – 55 miles, with only 1000 feet of gain – by doing the C-470/Cherry Creek/Platte circle. Since we got up so early, (7:30!!) we decided to tackle that one. We were excited to get out and do this ride, and I was especially excited, because July 4th is a personal Big Deal Day for me. It was at boyfriend’s house last year, when we were just friends, on the 4th of July, I decided to make some changes. Those changes involved getting rid of a deadbeat boyfriend, and resulted in ending up with this wonderful guy as my partner in crime riding our bikes through life. Continue reading

Up, Down, Turn Around…

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Distance: 42 miles
Average speed: 13.3 MPH
Weather: HOT
Ride Rating: 3/5

Well, we found the long, flat trek I was looking for in a ride. Today, we left from the usual trailhead, and rather than turning right at the C470 trail junction, we headed left, to take the eastern trail.

Originally, our intention had been to do a ride we found mapped out by the local Bicycle Village Saturday ride group. Unfortunately, that one did a lot of road riding, and we just weren’t comfortable with exploring a new area on the road without the support of a full team. Instead, we stuck to the trail, and headed east to Yosemite, and then turned around, headed all the way to the west side of Chatfield, and then back home. Continue reading

Like the Wind

Time: 1 hours 45 minutes
Distance: 20 miles
Average speed: 12.6 MPH
Weather: WINDY
Ride Rating: 3/5

I wanted to do some flat/gentle hills riding last night, in order to see about just getting the mileage in for distance, and not worry about speed so much as consistency. After we both got home, we loaded the bikes up onto the car, and drove to Cherry Creek State Park. First of all, neither of us had ever been there, and had no clue where was the best place to get on the trail, park the car, or anything. So, we headed to a bike shop right next to the park, which happened to have an access trail and let us park our car right there. Since we were there to ride, rather than shop, that was quite nice of them. I’ll have to make a point to check them out next time I’m around that area as a thank you (since I can’t seem to ever walk into a bike shop without spending at least $100).

We got on the bikes, and headed into the park. Since this was our first time, we also didn’t know anything about the trails. There are many many many trails in Cherry Creek State Park….but not all of them are suitable for road bikes. I had tried to plan ahead by looking at the trails map, but that was still quite confusing without being on the ground and having a sense of the space. So, we just hopped on our bikes and went in for the ride. Continue reading