For nothing now can ever come to any good

The semester is wrapping up at warp speed. I passed my comps exams with flying colors (answering a question about the trajectory of American commemorative culture, and one about the history of art history, from Kantian aesthetics to the idea of visual culture studies.) I graded all my students’ papers and returned them, and I presented in my Monstrous and Grotesque class on Wednesday. I still have an infinite amount of work to do, but there is just a little bit more breathing room now. That breathing room must have been palpable, for my very best friend in the entire world waited till I had the time, and then told me she was ready to go.  Continue reading


Time slips away

(Insert obligatory comment about the time since last post, apology and promise to be more prompt, etc etc.)

I’ve been insanely busy.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about blogging though, because I have been. I just haven’t done anything about it. I get into this cycle where I want to post something important, and relevant, and meaningful, and then I overwhelm myself, and decide to go do something on my to do list. Unfortunately, that means writing a blog post (which *is* on my to-do list) gets moved way way way down the list.

But, I’m going to do it today. First, here are some things I’ve been pondering, in list form: Continue reading

Excellent Things

I Love My Orthopedic Surgeon

Went to the Ortho today. He’s a straight shooter, no BS kind of guy. Prognosis: start physical therapy next week, 2x weekly for 6 weeks. Develop range of motion, plus strengthening of trapezius. Can drive/bike/sports/other activity as determined by comfort level and pain medication, avoid activities while impaired, but be cognizant of own levels to increase activity while slowly decreasing pain management. Pain management is right on track for where it should be, and don’t feel bad about medicating for muscle pain, because the muscular damage can take longer to heal than the bone. Also, don’t let the PT people cause pain. Be own advocate for advancement within comfort levels. Continue reading

How To Help Your Injured Friend

This post is a compilation of ideas, input and opinions from several of my friends who have been injured in roller derby, bike and auto accidents, and also people who have had surgery, either elective or required (such as for cancer treatment.) Not all of these responses apply to all situations, and not everyone reacts in the same way, so consider this a view into the perspective of the injured/ill person, and start from there when offering help. Continue reading

4th of July Ride Report – Lessons Learned

Oh. Hello there blogging world. It’s been a while. Yes, I’m writing my 4th of July ride report. It’s a bit late. I may ramble a bit on this one, because there’s a lot to process.

In the beginning….

The boyfriend had July 4th off, so we were debating the route we’d take for our morning ride. Seemed like the perfect time to try something new, since we had a full day of freedom, with no plans other than a party in the evening. Our choices were the Deer Creek Trail hill climb, in the SW part of town, which is a steep, 9 mile climb that you can do as an out and back, or you can make it a loop of about 36 miles with more climbing, for a total elevation gain of 3600 feet. The climbs on this route are all class 2 and class 1, and I was really looking forward to tackling that challenge, except the idea of riding on roads still has me a bit nervous. Our second option was to do a long ride with less climbing – 55 miles, with only 1000 feet of gain – by doing the C-470/Cherry Creek/Platte circle. Since we got up so early, (7:30!!) we decided to tackle that one. We were excited to get out and do this ride, and I was especially excited, because July 4th is a personal Big Deal Day for me. It was at boyfriend’s house last year, when we were just friends, on the 4th of July, I decided to make some changes. Those changes involved getting rid of a deadbeat boyfriend, and resulted in ending up with this wonderful guy as my partner in crime riding our bikes through life. Continue reading

Help Wanted

Aimee with Pearl the Pig in January 2011

It is tough to ask for help. I think, as women, it’s especially tough, because there is such a need to appear strong when doing things, to be “as good as a man” and able to compete. We’re fighting against perceptions more than reality in these situations, but they are out there, and definitely present in the cycling world. I’ve got lots to say about that, but first, I have to revisit a topic.

This weekend, I posted about my good friend who was hit by a car while crossing the street after a visit to the Farmers’ Market near her home. Aimee is one of those people who just naturally pulls in people to her circle. She’s got her own gravitational pull. So, it’s no surprise that Aimee’s friends are really coming together to help her, and she hasn’t asked for one single thing.

First, here is an update on Aimee’s condition:
1. 2 fractured legs, fractured pelvis, facial fractures and lacerations
2. Minimal joint damage
3. Minimal to no bleeding in the brain

Aimee has been talking, making crass jokes (which is her style) and has been able to eat with assistance. Tonight, she was discharged from the trauma unit, and transferred to a rehab center, where she will be for about 2 months, and it will be at least that long before she can stand, let alone walk. This injury leaves her 5 pets (2 dogs, and 3 cats) in need of care for the interim while she’s in the rehabilitation hospital.

Aimee and I in Boston in March 2012

Aimee has a very large, very supportive group of friends, and one of us set up the fundraiser at the following link to raise money to help care for Aimee’s animals and her general expenses during this time. If you are so inclined and able to help, it will definitely be appreciated. I can vouch for Marisa being a real person, and the funds going directly to the cause (ie: Aimee’s care, her animals’ care, etc.)

If you’d like to learn more about Aimee, you can read her blog at Rockstar Scars. Also, feel free to visit the We Love Aimee page on facebook, and “Like” the page.

You can read more about the accident here, here, and here.

Aimee is an amazing, clever, creative, sincere, honest, brutal, crass, smart, funny, sarcastic, and of course, since she *is* from Boston, wicked awesome. If you are willing/able/interested, the financial donations would help her immensely. If you are not, a prayer or positive thought is also greatly appreciated. The world truly is a better place with Aimee in it.